Pink Clay and how it benefits your skin 💕

Australian pink clay masks are all the rage at the moment and why wouldn’t they be ?

Australian pink clay has so many amazing benefits for all skin types.

Australian pink clay contains Silica, Magnesium, Selenium and traces of Zinc.

- Silica is a strong carrier of oxygen, it helps the blood carry 20% more oxygen hence leaving the skin glowing and also keeping it hydrated. - Magnesium is very calming on the skin, it is also important for the enzymes that manage DNA repair and replication. Assisting to fight acne, aging and other skin conditions.

- Selenium neutralises free radicals, this skin boosting mineral protects our cells from damage.

- Zinc an antioxidant that aids in preventing free radical damage, zinc also aids in healing the skin and the prevention of acne by regulating the skins sebum glands.

Australian pink clay is more gentle on the skin then other clays and it doesn’t strip off the skins natural protective barrier like other clays, which is why pink clay masks are so popular for sensitised dry skins.

More benefits of pink clay include:

  • Exfoliates the skin and deep cleans the pores without stripping the skins protective barrier.

  • Assists in the production of elastin and collagen.

  • Improves and Brightens skin tone.

Australian pink clay masks have definitely earned the name ‘Magical mask’ and we definitely love our Signature Rose Mask. It leaves your skin with an instant glow making it the perfect mask to use before a special event or just a fun night out !

It doesn't matter how old you are our Rose Mask benefits everyone !


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