Skin Types and Conditions, Whats the difference ?

There’s still some confusion when we talk about the difference between skin types and conditions.

Our skin type is determined by our genetics. There are four skin types – Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination. Skin conditions vary according to the different factors we subject our skin to, for example pigmentation could be caused by sun exposure and not wearing sunscreen, hormones some woman get pigmentation when they’re pregnant.

Skin Types

Normal Skin - Not too oily not too dry, well balanced skin.

Dry Skin - Produces less oil than normal skin, lacks the lipids it needs to retain moisture and build a protective barrier for your skin.

Oily Skin - An over production of oil, appearance is generally shiny with enlarged pores.

Combination Skin – Commonly an oily Tzone and dry cheeks but the combination can vary.

Skin Conditions

Over the course of your life the condition of your skin will change due to internal and external factors like hormones, diet, climate, stress, pollution, different products used on your skin ect.

As a beauty therapist I’ve heard a lot of “I have acne skin type” or “Dehydrated skin type” or my favourite sensitive skin type. These are all skin conditions and there’s a big difference you can treat acne, dehydrated skin and sensitised skin although sensitised skin can be a permanent condition for some it’s still not a skin type.

Some skin conditions include :



Skin sensitivity


Dehydrated Skin

Pigmented skin



Our environment, hormones, what we eat and drink, the cosmetics and skincare products we use on our skin even genetics all play a part in determining the condition of our skin.


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