Exfoliation; And How It Benefits Your Skin.

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The process of exfoliation is when dead skin cells are removed from the top layer of skin (epidermis), thus revealing the new skin cells underneath, leaving the skin feeling smoother and fresher. There are different types of exfoliation; some are quite gentle giving the surface of your skin a nice buff, some are more abrasive than others and give you a more deeper exfoliation. It’s always good to go and seek professional advice knowing your skin type and conditions if you have any and being able to choose the right skin care for your skin.

Benefits of Skin exfoliation:

• Evens the skin tone by removing dead skin cells giving your skin a brighter smoother look.

• Unclogs pores whilst treating and helping prevent acne.

• Helps your serums and moisturisers penetrate your skin better thus yielding better results.

• Increases cell turnover

Different Types of exfoliation:

• Scrub exfoliates

• Enzyme powder based exfoliates

• Exfoliating masks

• Professional exfoliating treatments microdermabrasion, skin peels, dermaplaning ect

It is important to remember that you can over exfoliate your skin, always follow the instructions on your products and follow advice from skin professionals to avoid any skin irritation, especially if you have a skin condition.


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