Coffee Body Scrubs & Why we love them 💕

I love my morning coffee, I don‘t function properly until I get it. Coffee scrubs are the skins morning coffee hit !

Coffee has so many amazing benefits for the Skin it doesn’t just leave you smelling like your favourite morning beverage !

- Coffee is a great natural exfoliant buffing off the dead skin cells reveal fresh new shiny skin.

- The caffeine in coffee stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin helping it appear tighter and brighter!

- Coffee reduces the appearance of cellulite when used topically on the skin.

- Coffee assists in reducing stress inflammation and can be used to assist eczema and psoriasi.

- The antioxidants in Coffee help protect the skin from free radicals.

Coffee is not only my favourite go to drink in the morning as it had it’s fair share of health benefits when consumed, but it’s one of my favourite go to natural exfoliants with all its benefits for the skin when used topically.

Our Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub has so many amazing benefits for your skin! The ground coffee and raw sugar exfoliates, assist in clearing blemishes and restores balance to the skins natural oils, the coconut oil and orange essential oil hydrates the skin, promotes elasticity and collagen production, maintains the overall health of the skin promoting radiance and clarity. This scrub leaves you feeling fresh, your skin feeling smooth and your skin instantly glowing what’s not to love.

Renee xoxo


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