Clay Baby Beauty tip: Power Cleanse !

How many of you have heard of a power cleanse? I learnt this little nifty trick years ago in college when I was doing my diploma of beauty therapy.

It’s pretty simple all you do is mix a bit of your facial scrub in with your daily cleanser, that’s all it is but it’s a massive time saver on the day’s where time is limited.

As I said pretty simple but so effective, I don’t know how many times I’ve down this over the years when I’ve woken up late for work and you could skip your exfoliant and just cleanse on the days that your running late but where’s the fun in that.

If your anything like me and enjoy experience when you exfoliate, the freshness of your skin, the way your serums and moisturises just glide on and absorb and the way your foundation sits on afterwards you don’t want to skip your morning exfoliant.

I hope you find this tip helpful

thanks for reading my blog

Renee XOXO


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