A little bit about skin sensitivity

In my last post I spoke about the different skin types and conditions, and now I want to delve a little further into skin sensitivity.

Skin sensitivity is a condition not a skin type, it can be genetic and it can also be most likely caused by external factors like extreme changes in weather, your skin may react to certain skincare products and/or cosmetics, stress, pollution and exposure to chemicals, lack of sleep can throw your whole body out including your skin.

If you have sensitised skin you will notice symptoms like the texture your skin may appear dry and flakey, redness, it may sting or be itchy and easily feel irritated.

Best way to treat these symptoms, don’t constantly touch your face, try using gentle natural serums and moisturisers, stay hydrated, try and avoid using grainy scrubs, don’t avoid exfoliating try using an exfoliant that’s gentle and/or enzyme based.

We all have used a product thats not agreed with our skin straight up or even at all. Sometimes we need to use the product a few times so you skin desensitises to the product or use the product less. You can over use products aswell.

Alot of the time now products with active ingredients will have on the packaging the best way to introduce their product to your skin for the reason that a lot of the time we’ve been recommended a product and told its amazing and we‘re going to have the perfect skin and look younger, but we weren’t told how to best use it and then we take it home and over use it thinking we’re going to look so good and our skin doesn’t react well.

Unfortunately this sort of thing happens, I know more and more people are being properly educated and it does happen less often.

Clay Baby Beauty was originally created by Kalithea because her skin often reacted to a lot of products and she wanted products that were gentle enough but effective to make a visible difference. With Kali‘s vission and my background in beauty therapy and cosmetic chemistry, we’ve created gentle natural skin care products that are nourishing, healing, clear the skin and give you that fresh healthy glow.


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